“The garden tells you what to do!”

Yes, garden and nature lovers will tell you that. A garden brings you right to the heart of nature’s dynamics, shows you its resilience, its beauty and its misery.  And within this setting you will find and recognize the healthy benefits. Growing plants and attentively caring for them will show you great rewards. Your garden and your plants will thrive and so will you!

Anxious on how to start? Don’t be, just start your garden and discover. Gradually you will find your way. Discover nature in the seasons, the trees, the leaves, the flowers, the meadows, colors, fragrance, all the subtle changes, the light, the birds, the butterflies, erathworms and all living creatures. It’s a joy to watch, to breathe in, to walk through, to appreciate. It’s the sense of life and living that grabs you. The vastness of a landscape, the silence, the resilience of all and everything, including yourself.

Nature always adapts to what’s present. It can be winter and some shrubs profit from a touch of heat and sunshine and show new growth. It can be spring and the air is cold and crisp with late frosts and all new blossoms of apricot and almond are wasted. No fruits for that year. It’s a precious balance influenced by the universal metaphysics on our planet earth.

Wisdom from and adaptation to nature is very healthy for our body and mind. We can’t control nature. We can control our thoughts and feelings. We can create a healthy garden and enjoy nature’s diversity in the plantings. We need to consider our life, respect nature and use our knowledge, wisdom and creative touch every day.

Everything is energy. I strongly believe our health depends on a positive, sensitive attitude towards ourselves and our surroundings. We thrive when we shape our reality accordingly. The universe is versatile, magical and huge in everything. Discover flow, your flow, your energy. Immerse yourself in nature, be in contact with your surroundings, with your garden, the landscape, the trees, the shrubs, the singing birds, the buzzing bees and the beauty of tasty herbs and colorful flowers. Enjoy the fruits of your labour. Your garden is in all aspects magical for your health.

Are you ready to experience a healthy garden?
. . . A garden that feels welcoming, practical and nourishing.
Do you value an expertly composed landscape design?
. . . Showing you how, where and what to plant.
Are you interested to engage me in your garden project?
. . . Planning and working out the best possible landscape design for your situation.

You are very welcome to send me an e-mail (in your language Dutch, English, French, Italian) and tell me what garden you desire and please, do provide details of the location of your garden.
Let’s create your magical garden landscape for a healing, abundant and happy feeling. Trust nature’s energy and feel your flow. It surely is within reach and will delight you every day in every season.

Magical Healing Landscapes

It’s not just a dream. It’s reality. It is really possible to create a beautiful space incorporating the landscape and surroundings on your property. Start and see what develops. Being creative and knowing my horticultural value is an asset and a great gift to work with. I am proud to assist you with the design and turn your garden dream into reality.

By designing Magical Healing Landscapes I contribute to your health and the health of nature in your garden. All living creatures will enjoy the richness and diversity of the beautiful plants. I create lush borders full of deliciously smelling, sensational, colorful, strong perennials, shrubs, herbs, ornamental grasses and trees. Plantings that  will thrive in your garden and be a joy to experience.