Mindset and your garden #6: Give and receive love

Giving and receiving are one. However, it might not immediately be obvious. It’s about giving and receiving from your heart and not ignited by outer considerations. Whatever you give is instantly returned to you. It can be a smile, a blooming flower, a ray of sunshine. Focus your attention and receive the gift. Sounds quite simple and on the other hand not easy when you are feeling stressed out.


Focusing on nature will provide you with an experience of relaxation. You become silent, your mind stops pondering, your head becomes clear and you heal yourself. These aspects are infinitely valuable. Sunshine is warming you. Nature blooms for you. Rain nourishes the earth. Trees protect you from strong winds and provide shade. All beautiful and surrounding energy that makes your life precious, agreeable and free.

Love your garden and that love will be returned to you in lush green grass, colorful magnificent flowers, amazing butterflies, buzzing bees and singing birds! You will feel very very happy!

Love is awareness

Sometimes it concerns me that we live an I-want-it-now-more-better-new-clean-attitude. We hardly take time to enjoy what is just around the corner of our homes and within reach in our lives, our surroundings and within ourselves. Let alone that we notice our garden en spend time to organize and create it as a space we love. We can enjoy an oasis full of color, life and fragrance and experience the natural wealth of inspiration that shows us growth and development in all seasons. Why are we continuously busy doing instead of being?

In 2016 we experience the unbalanced year of the monkey and the energy has a fire-earth quality. There is a lack of water-energy to mirror and show insights, leadership, inner power, depth and peace. Predominantly it will be a year of challenge, fun, delight, optimism and quick decisions. Be especially aware of your choices with regard to your actions and consider if it suits the path you intend to follow before you say ‘yes’. The passionate energy may well turn into disappointment, unexpected emotions and sorrow. The monkey is a fast learner, is optimistic and likes a laugh but sure knows his/her disadvantages and lesser qualities. Respect mutual boundaries, giving and receiving are one!

2016 is a year where knowledge of energy, Nine Star Ki and Feng Shui can help you gain insight in how and what to activate or not in order to experience a positive outcome for you. Know your talents and pitfalls. Balance is key!

Furthermore we live in the age of Aquarius, of universal energy and a huge thrive for balance in Yin and Yang energy. We are massively longing for balance in love, pleasure and unity that doesn’t develop smoothly but triggers many emotions including doubt, fear and insecurity. Luckily we are more aware of a mutual I=you and you=me, whatever you feel, someone else also feels. All is love, all is awareness.

Follow your heart, it beats!

Jacqueline Lammerts, entrepreneur, author, one of the first clients of Feng Shui garden and now a dear friend, writes about this in her Dutch blog post Changing the World. “How can you change the world when you aren’t even capable of changing yourself? And what are you actually changing outside yourself? What I notice is that we people don’t seem to switch from outside to inside. We keep looking outside ourselves, trying to find solutions, help, etc. And what is did we gain in the past ages? Even more research, searching for solutions, helping, etc. outside ourselves, I would say that is not really productive. The only escape out of this treadmill is looking inside. That what we search for outside, to fix, help, etc. we need to first give (learn) to ourselves before we might even consider to give it to the outside. Yes, that ‘s scary and way to close. We don’t want to FEEL what appears and lives within us.”

Let’s build connection. Cheers to you, Jacqueline!

A healing garden…

Ellen van der Peet, green-journalist and garden lover, currently suffers two frozen shoulders and is hardly able to use her arms. She now perceives her garden even more intensely and writes with more awe than before on her garden in Vleugellam: de tuin als troost i.e. Hurt wings: the garden as comfort. “For hours I watch and listen to my garden. (…) The garden can cope without me but I can’t cope without my garden. (…) The best distraction from the ‘ghosts’ in my head is my garden. Endlessly I consider new planting schemes, color combinations and concentrate on a bulb planting plan. Never ever was I this early in ordering bulbs. When they arrive at the end of August I  succeed in using one arm to garden. A few minutes digging with that one hand is the best medicine for peace in my tumbling head. How very important is that little piece of nature surrounding my home. I take pictures, observe, listen and experience the beauty of the plants, the living creatures on my land, the power of nature and I strengthen myself with the thought that this power of growth and healing is also in me, in my nature.”

Gardening is in your heart. Get well soon, Ellen!

Keep your balance!

Are you experiencing inspiration and relaxation in your garden? Are you able to observe for hours what grows, blooms, walks, sings or crawls your garden? I am ultimately eager to encourage you to do so. It will certainly help you get by nasty times in your life and will leave you in awe and gratitude on nature’s love. Yes, you need focus and also reflection on giving, receiving and living.

boek, tuinharmonie, Mariëtte Verlaan, tuinboek, Feng Shui, tuinAre you a highly sensitive person and/or working as a health care professional? Then you’re probably at times very intensely moved by influences from the outside. Events, sounds, grief, disadvantages, confrontations, turmoil, negative thoughts and emotions of other people influence you and get inside you energetically. Your involvement with people is internal, within you as a person, and/or external, because of your job or vocation, directed to the well-being and healing of others and makes you vulnerable for exhaustion and losing your inner peace. Nature provide you a chance to renew your balance and recover your positive and sparkling energy.

Keep inner and outer energy in harmony! Take your time and space to stay in contact with yourself, your needs and emotions. Consider and give yourself what you need first so you can contribute to the world ánd to others. Experience your balance!

Create your passionate and loving atmosphere from your heart with enthusiasm and gratefulness and feel surrounded by clear and inspiring energy. Give and receive!

What do you think your garden can mean to you?
What do you need to be you?
What inspiration triggers you now?
Do you want to read about it?

Share your thoughts and read those of others!

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