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Transformation and new beginnings

The current Feng Shui energy is related to the Chinese New year that celebrates new beginnings. 2018 appears to be a year of transformation. All planets turn retrogade in July and August of this year, thus creating huge amounts of severe heavy energy in our lives and on our planet Earth.

Why does that concern you and me?

It affects us all on a conscious and sub-conscious level. When you are sensitive to energies in your surroundings you will notice the effects and you will be able to recognize and handle them.

fly-flow-sky-is-the-limit-TuinHarmonie-Feng-Shui-tuinIn our personal lives it means we are invited to take good care of ourselves and others. Be loving and generous, spread warmth and light. We might not feel that flexible at first but it is the only way to survive and live pleasantly and happily in our environment. We have to leave sorrow, pain and grudges behind, burn the past (respond to 2018 Fire year energy) and create a new strong energy from within, resonating with our core. Creating the best with our heart, passion and soul involved and aligned. A major task to fullfil, a major change in attitude, a major transformation in favor of a new healthy and wealthy future. Enjoy the best ever!

Health and flow!

As you might have already read in my previous article my major task and challenge is to acknowledge Diagnosis breast cancer, no sabbatical and trust I will be cured. I will heal and be healthy although I already believe I am healthy. This invites me to be fully in love with myself, build and gain new knowledge of my body, be positive about the future, stay confident of my health, enjoy the huge love of my family, friends and fans who massively support, love and hug me, appreciate the amazing beauty and liveliness of my garden, the abundance of flowers and exciting blossoming of nature. A new beginning, a new era ahead with endless abundant possibilities. Trust, respect, love and support are thriving.

Transformation is a form of gratitude, a deep involvement and awakening of the powerfull source within. The predominant way to be living the life you imagined is taking action on steadily fullfilling whatever you dream of, to be committed and accomplish only by being you, in love and in flow. Breath in, breath out! Be in sync with what is. I can only be me. You can only be you! Go for your best life ever!

What challenge and transformation do you face?

Share and tell me about it in the comment box below in your language and words.
I will send you my love, encouragement and empower you with whatever you need. Be strong, be vulnerable, be brave, be ….

How to stay calm, focussed and joyful?

Being in a healthy warm and welcoming natural environment means the world to me.

During my holidays at Lago di Trasimeno in Umbria (Italy) and more specific Camping Kursaal in Passignano sul Trasimeno I experienced the soft cuddling effect of beautiful surrounding nature, lovely trees, scenting flowers and a scenic lake. I already know this is what makes my heart beat, feeds my being and totally fits my constitution. It eases my mind, relaxes my muscles, heals my inner restlessness. Wow!

The plus in all this is the presence of a gorgeous swimming pool and the luxury of swimming in the lake. In my Nine Star Ki it is apparent that swimming and water nurture my being as a wood person. The exercise is great and it strengthens all systems in my body. My mind eases and my creative skills are able to flow and float.

Do you experience these health and nature related uplifting positive effects? Do you plan a holiday although work is never totally finished when you are an entrepreneur? Do you embrace joy on an every day basis in life and work? I highly recommend you to recharge your batteries.

These 10 thoughts will help you to stay calm, cool, focussed and joyful every day.

  1. Rome wasn’t built in one day.
  2. Being you is unique. There is no one person in the world like you. Enjoy being you!
  3. Welcome every day as a new beginning and a chance to choose anew.
  4. Thank yourself and others for their support in your life, work, love, care, for all good and positive efforts.
  5. Keep your passion alive by focussing on your talents, daily rewards and dreams.
  6. Take a stroll through nature (or your garden) and observe the present beauty.
  7. Feel, touch, taste, hear, see what touches you. Write it down to remember you of this experience.
  8. Start every day with a focus on the best version of you, your day, your life, your present and future. Live your dream!
  9. Sleep well, enjoy the good and let go of pain in the past. Be present now!
  10. Stay in touch with who you are and what you are able to joyfully accomplish for yourself, others and our planet. Yes, you can!
Cortona, Italia, © Mariëtte Verlaan 2017

Enjoying the beauty and serenity of Cortona

This article is written in English because of the lovely friends I met during this holiday in Italy. You all are amazing!
I love Cees for taking me there and for the joy we share together in this gorgeous country of Dolce far niente. I thank Claudia and Heinz, Frederiek and Alfons, Nicola and many others whom we just met and only spoke a few words with.
My Italian is improving, thanks to the non-English speaking people we encounter!
We are still engaged in the process of moving into our dream home in the Orvieto area. It nearly happened but alas more patience is needed. I thank our dear Italian friends, Paolo e Alessandra, for their love, hospitality and assistance. It will eventually happen!

Love you all xxx

Stay calm, stay cool, stay focussed
Enjoy your day, every day!

Mariëtte Verlaan, 2017, Lago di Trasimeno, Camping Kursaal