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Transformation and new beginnings

The current Feng Shui energy is related to the Chinese New year that celebrates new beginnings. 2018 appears to be a year of transformation. All planets turn retrogade in July and August of this year, thus creating huge amounts of severe heavy energy in our lives and on our planet Earth.

Why does that concern you and me?

It affects us all on a conscious and sub-conscious level. When you are sensitive to energies in your surroundings you will notice the effects and you will be able to recognize and handle them.

fly-flow-sky-is-the-limit-TuinHarmonie-Feng-Shui-tuinIn our personal lives it means we are invited to take good care of ourselves and others. Be loving and generous, spread warmth and light. We might not feel that flexible at first but it is the only way to survive and live pleasantly and happily in our environment. We have to leave sorrow, pain and grudges behind, burn the past (respond to 2018 Fire year energy) and create a new strong energy from within, resonating with our core. Creating the best with our heart, passion and soul involved and aligned. A major task to fullfil, a major change in attitude, a major transformation in favor of a new healthy and wealthy future. Enjoy the best ever!

Health and flow!

As you might have already read in my previous article my major task and challenge is to acknowledge Diagnosis breast cancer, no sabbatical and trust I will be cured. I will heal and be healthy although I already believe I am healthy. This invites me to be fully in love with myself, build and gain new knowledge of my body, be positive about the future, stay confident of my health, enjoy the huge love of my family, friends and fans who massively support, love and hug me, appreciate the amazing beauty and liveliness of my garden, the abundance of flowers and exciting blossoming of nature. A new beginning, a new era ahead with endless abundant possibilities. Trust, respect, love and support are thriving.

Transformation is a form of gratitude, a deep involvement and awakening of the powerfull source within. The predominant way to be living the life you imagined is taking action on steadily fullfilling whatever you dream of, to be committed and accomplish only by being you, in love and in flow. Breath in, breath out! Be in sync with what is. I can only be me. You can only be you! Go for your best life ever!

What challenge and transformation do you face?

Share and tell me about it in the comment box below in your language and words.
I will send you my love, encouragement and empower you with whatever you need. Be strong, be vulnerable, be brave, be ….

60 ways to feel the MAGIC of your garden

60 ways, yes, that came up spontaneously because this blogpost is the 60th.
Written in English for my best friends, fans, readers and loves ones will surely get the message.

60! Time flies when you are having fun!
MAGIC is always in the moment, in the now, in the near to you and me, in the connection. I love that thought! Do you?

MAGIC is a feeling, the existence of something special.
Are you ready to experience that in your garden and your life?
MAGIC is all around you.

  1. Enjoy the colors
  2. Enjoy the leaves
  3. Enjoy the flowers
  4. Find some bees, insects or butterflies, listen to their humming
  5. Look at the tumbling birds, hear their music and songs
  6. Feel the wind rush through the trees
  7. Watch how raindrops collect in a pond or bird’s bath
  8. Collect seeds on a sunny dry day
  9. Harvest a flower, a leaf or a stone
  10. Assemble a bouquet with flowers, branches and leaves from your garden to enjoy on your table
  11. Lay out a small mandala with collectables from your garden
  12. Connect with the seasons and enjoy the very moment
  13. Take a photo every month and put it in your garden dairy
  14. Be surprised by nature’s wealth
  15. Breath in the fresh air and breath out your sorrows, pains and fears
  16. Prepare a healthy meal for yourself or the birds
  17. Smell the richness of the dirt (soil)
  18. Smell your favorite fragrant roses
  19. Smell your fragrant herbs
  20. Use your home grown herbs to season and color your meals
  21. Choose new plants for your garden and make a list
  22. Buy only one plant at a time just for joy and fun to cheer you up
  23. Care for your precious lovable garden plants
  24. Take care of the soil in autumn and spring (mulch and compost)
  25. Water your plants well when needed
  26. Pay attention to details you might not have even noticed before
  27. Be mindful and relax
  28. Put your favorite chair in a sunny position
  29. Close your eyes and make a wish
  30. Improve your garden life and define a garden plan
  31. Enjoy reading about your garden to gain knowledge and wisdom
  32. Complete every action in your garden with gratitude and pride towards yourself and the wonders of nature
  33. Have a coffee or tea near a window and look out at your garden
  34. Leave the leaves between the plants in your garden border and look at the diversity of their colors
  35. Feel inspired
  36. Feel relaxed
  37. Feel united
  38. Feel curious
  39. Intend to grow and enjoy the flowers you love
  40. Look at the seed heads that turn brown
  41. Care for your tender plants
  42. Cut your lavender plants in April and September so they will stay proportionate and rich in flowers
  43. Save some cuttings to grow new plants
  44. Dead head extravagantly flowering species for even more wealthy blooming
  45. Create a bird’s cake in wintertime
  46. Only groom your lawn, terrace and path ways
  47. Reward and renew yourself with a wonderful warm bath after intense garden work
  48. Create inspirational moments every day
  49. Write down what you might want to improve in your garden
  50. Picture yourself as the queen/king totally devoted to your outdoor space and its inhabitants
  51. List your plants, shrubs and trees to remember their names and needs
  52. Feel your connection to nature
  53. Experience going out in your garden in the evening, at night, in the early morning and sense the differences
  54. Feel the special air, the sky, the moon, the wind, the light, the season, the stars, the clouds, the sun
  55. Take a stroll in your garden and follow where your intuition leads you
  56. Look at the ripples in a water feature or pond
  57. Sense and reflect
  58. Be aware, be grateful
  59. Ask a dear friend to enjoy your garden with you
  60. MAGIC is in you, in your home, life and garden. ENJOY!

Life is a garden! Grow the flowers you love.
~ Mariëtte Verlaan

grow a good life, tuinharmonie, create your destiny, mariette verlaanAre you curious to read more? Find out about the new Garden Book Harmonie in jouw tuin met Feng Shui or the new eCourse Jouw levendige groene tuin and get inspired to create your special magical garden space.
If you are interested in the English version, please, let me know!

Thanks to Truus Seele for the photo of her amazingly beautiful festive Winter Bird’s cake.
A basic Dutch recipe is posted on Tuincoach Blog: Vogeltaart, een winterse lekkernij voor tuinvogels.

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